Turn Your Memories into Art

You Love and can Enjoy Everyday.

How it Works

Step 1: Bring in something you Treasure.

Bring in your most treasured memory, an idea or something that inspires you.

Step 2: What meaning does this item hold.

When we know your story and reasons as to why you chose to frame this art, we are able to design a frame that will increase your enjoyment of the art.

Step 3: Where is it going?

Will this item be going in the Living room, dining room, bedroom, hallway or entrance? By knowing where this item will go we will be able to offer better design recommendations.

Step 4: What is in the room?

What is the focal point of the room? What colors and material are used in the room? Knowing this can tell us what you already like and will help us design a frame that will comfortably integrate into your home.

Step 5: We begin Designing Your Custom Frame!

We choose a Frame from our sample collection, choose a Frame size, mat board and colors.

Then we begin Creating.

Who we help


Residents LOVE Framing to display personal history & to increase beauty in their home.

Offices & Businesses

Business Owners use Framing to express professional values or to promote their services. Presentation is everything!


Artists seeking Digital Capture and to reproduce High Quality Prints of their own Art use our services.


Photographers seeking a Local Printing Partner to produce High Quality Prints & Frame their own work use our services.

Display Your Memories & Treasures
with The Frame Shop

All we need is you, your treasure and a few details of where it’s going...