Artist Services

Artist Services

Serving Area Artists

Artists interested in reproducing quality prints of their own work can bring in the original art for digital capture. A test strip of the image will be printed for artist approval before the art is reproduced as a print (giclee) on either paper or canvas.

The artist retains the files produced either on a memory stick or CD as their own work. If an artist is developing his or her own website, it is a good idea to have two sets of files produced. One for the website (in a low resolution), and one for the actual printing process (in a much higher resolution). Protecting the artist’s ability to prevent others from pirating their work is important to us. A low resolution file used for a website is one way to discourage others from unauthorized copying.

Artists and photographers who possess the skills to do their own image management can submit files for printing.

Featured Artists

Reg Smith

Reg was born and reared in rural Siskiyou County, California. His love of nature and its rustic pastoral appeal engaged his spirit at a very young age. Reg illustrates his kinship with nature using vivid photography to capture the unique personality of a variety of engaging subjects. See more at


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