Custom Framing

Custom Framing

Custom framing is your chance to present your personal style and fulfill requirements in your home or office for your enjoyment and that of others.
Custom framing provides you with the unique opportunity to express who you are through a personal visual statement, often without a single word. We frame your treasures for as many reasons as you can imagine.

Framing Projects tell the Story of You

The Frame Shop of Los Banos, Ca.

Framing displays your personal history, your likes and loves, your need for beauty in your home or office, your need to express your professional values or promote your services.

Presentation is everything!

Although we believe in framing primarily for the art itself, we can incorporate elements such as style, size, or color from your decor, so that your art can be comfortably integrated into its new home!

The Visual Weight
of Your Art

The Frame Shop of Los Banos, Ca.

Framed art should compliment the scale of your home or office furnishings. Whether you would describe your furniture as bulky or minimalist in scale, tell us. We will help you balance the width of your frame with its surroundings.

Framing should look well-seated in your home. It shouldn’t look like it is flying away because it is under-framed.

Mix it up!

The Frame Shop of Los Banos, Ca.

Changing the width of at least one part of a framing project makes for a more dynamic presentation.

A tiny piece of art can look wonderful if it is surrounded by generous matting of the right color and texture. The frame can either be extra-wide or narrow, but don’t think small Art deserves only small margins. Art should have breathing room!

The special nature of the Art is best viewed when the framing does not crowd it.

How it Works

We make your Custom Framing Process as simple as possible. It’s really only 5 steps that we walk you through to Design & Build your Custom Frame.

Step 1

Bring in something you treasure.

Bring in your most treasured memory, an idea or something that inspires you.

Step 2

Tell us what meaning this item holds.

When we know your story and reasons as to why you chose to frame this art, we are able to design a frame that will increase your enjoyment of the art.

Step 3

Tell us where it’s going.

Will this item be going in the Living room, dining room, bedroom, hallway or entrance? By knowing where this item will go we will be able to offer better design recommendations.

Step 4

Tell us what's in the room.

What is the focal point of the room? What colors and material are used in the room? Knowing this can tell us what you already like and will help us design a frame that will comfortably integrate into your home.

Step 5

We begin designing your Custom Frame.

We walk you through our recommendations from our Frame sample collection & choose a Frame, choose the size of the Frame, mat board and colors. Then we begin Creating.

Services Included

  • Conservation Framing
  • Museum Grade Framing
  • Shadow Boxes
  • Large Framing
  • Mirror Framing
  • Diploma Framing
  • Jersey Framing
  • Collage Framing

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