Photo Restoration – Bring New Life to Your Keepsakes

Digital processing of art, especially photography, has paved the way for wonderful framing projects. We’ve salvaged old family photos in need of some tender loving care, enlarged art and photos for reproduction and printed enlargements directly from slides and negatives. If you own the copyright or can prove you have permission to reprint a studio photo image, we may be able to restore your photo digitally.

Here’s some information on the process:

  • First and foremost, we “capture” the image from your original by scan or digital photograph.
  • Second, we perform corrections to the image. If necessary, we can repair missing or damaged parts of the image, correct of enhance colors or contrast or even remove unwanted items (or people) in the image.
  • Finally, the digitally-corrected file is sized and printed onto the paper or canvas of your choice. We use archival inks and papers with our wide format digital printer so that your prints last for many years to come.
  • It is important to note that low resolution files and tiny snapshots cannot be enlarged to large sizes, normally. The quality of an enlargement depends on the amount of digital information we can collect from your original image. For instance, color and black and white photos can be reproduced very successfully from slides and negatives, but a 4×6 snapshot is not a good candidate for enlargement.