Ready, Set, Frame. Preparing for your trip to The Frame Shop.

Turning Your Memories into Art

We are excited and happy to have you joining us here.  We will begin with preparing you for your trip to The Frame Shop!


We need to know a little more about where your Art will be going. 

Framed Art should complement the scale of your home or office furnishings, so whether you would describe your furniture as bulky or minimalist in scale, tell your framer.

We want your Frame to be well-seated in your home so we will help you balance the width of your Frame with its surroundings.

It shouldn’t look like it is flying away because of being under-framed.

Your home is more than just four walls, it’s the: 

  • Colors, ​
  • Styles
  • and textures

that make it unique - and make it yours.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll have a Custom Picture Frame, that highlights your work beautifully so that your Art can be comfortably integrated into its new home.

And so your Art, is the Star!


Your Story.

We believe that knowing the answers to a few important questions will help us Design a Frame for your Art that you will enjoy everyday in your home.

When we know your story and reasons as to why you chose to Frame this Art, we are able to Design a Frame that will increase your enjoyment of your Art.  

As you may know, Framing Displays. . .

  • your personal history,
  • your likes and loves,
  • your need for beauty in your home or office,
  • your need to express your professional values,
  • and even your need to promote your services.

Here at The Frame Shop we believe that the right Frame can elevate your image into a heartfelt gift, or a beautiful addition to your décor.

The finished Frame should work to enhance the item you are putting inside.

Our goals are to enhance the artwork being framed. . . 

. . .not take away from it.

Our goal is to also have you relive, with joy, your favorite memories every time you see your Photographs or Art complemented by our beautiful Custom Frames.


Questions we might ask to better understand are as follows:

  1. What do you especially like about your piece of art, or does it hold special meaning for you?
  2. What colors do you like or dislike in your art?
  3. Would you describe your home or office as formal, casual, or any particular architectural style?
  4. Is the art going in a high traffic area like a hallway, a children’s room, or a sports den?
  5. Is it going to be hung near a water or heat source, such as in a kitchen, bathroom, or over a fireplace?
  6. Are there special lighting considerations in the art’s hanging location?
  7. Is the art something you cannot replace either monetarily or sentimentally?

We recommend that you come with photos either in hand, on your camera, phone, or via email, of the space where your Art will live. If you have swatches of your wall paint colors, fabric samples, flooring, woodwork, or hardware, please feel free to bring them. 

These items can tell us what you already like and will make the Design process run smoothly.

Additional Support

If you don't quite have a vision for your project yet, there's nothing like the insight of a Framing Expert and that's what the questions above are for.

We can work with you.

 We can help you choose the Mat and Frame that will complement your Artwork and look right at home wherever you display it.

If you're turning an item into a gift, or if you have something unusual to frame like a jersey, ticket stubs, whatever it may be, we love custom orders and will work with you to bring your vision to life.

We'd love to hear about your project and provide additional advice for your needs.

Did you know Frames aren’t just for Photographs and Paintings??!

They can also add style to a mirror, turning it into a focal point of the room.

A large mirror should look substantial with its framing. Under-sized framing will not do the mirror (or what you view through it) justice.

All that we ask is that you come with an idea, an inspiration, and from there we will guide you through the design process.

We look forward to having you join us in The Frame Shop and sharing your most treasured projects with us!

Ready, Set, Frame!
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